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At Felix Consulting we have experience across a range of sectors including:

  •       higher education
  •       government
  •       the not-for-profit sector
  •       high value-add management consulting

We create tailored research packages from these services:

  • mapping – developing lists of target companies, relevant individuals and contact and biographical details
  • sourcing – seeking observations and recommendations from key industry leaders
  • qualifying – contacting and screening potential candidates to determine interest and suitability
  • competitive intelligence – identifying and reporting on industry trends and market perceptions

Our search strategy

From our initial consultation with you, we gain a clear picture of your ideal candidate and define the search strategy. We agree on a time frame and which target industries and key industry sources to contact.

Our research is customised and not database-generated. We start with desktop research supported by telephone research. This bespoke approach allows you to identify qualified prospective candidates effectively and efficiently.

Finding your candidate

From talking to leaders in the field, we gain insights into your industry sector and its top talent. We talk to and qualify potential candidates and uncover key issues within the sector, such as remuneration data and notable trends.

While the research continues, we schedule regular calls to update you on progress.

When we complete the research scope, we send you a list of pre-qualified individuals who are interested in further exploring the opportunity.