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We understand the challenge and opportunities facing individuals in the world of work. We know that our careers are integral to our wellbeing; that they fulfil emotional needs above and beyond earning money; and that challenges around our careers are often difficult to navigate.

Losing a job, being stuck in unsatisfactory work or wishing to prepare for the next stage of your career are times when you can do with some expert guidance and a sympathetic ear. Coaching can make you feel empowered and supported so you can indentify new paths, explore options and test new ways of being. Being excited about the future builds great impetus for change.

We are experts in 4 key areas related to careers:

1. Career coaching
2. Developing new leaders
3. On-boarding
4. Career transition and outplacement

If you are seeking help in your working life, then we are ready to listen.

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What to expect

We begin by understanding your work history and finding out what really matters to you. We ask what you hope to achieve from this important investment. Then together we clarify your goals and get working on a coaching plan.

Each coaching plan is unique. Yours may include:

  • identifying your special qualities and a career narrative unique to you
  • developing research skills so you can explore educational programs and career opportunities
  • creating a strong resumé you are proud of and improving your job applications
  • developing better presentation and interview skills
  • strengthening and leveraging your professional networks to expand your knowledge and to uncover opportunities
  • developing skills around self-care and resilience to cope with stress and uncertainty

We work with you to enact your plan. We establish clear markers and milestones towards achieving your goals and we provide regular homework and personal growth tasks to enhance your progress. We adjust the plan as the coaching proceeds. In addition to these practical measures, we aim to build your hope and renew your sense of purpose.

Career specialists

Our coaching practice is underpinned by extensive professional development and qualifications in organisational communication, coaching psychology and career development.

We draw on a variety of theories and techniques from:

  • coaching psychology (goal setting, positive psychology, adult development)
  • career  development (narrative approaches which articulate well with more traditional theories of career development)

We employ a range of specialist career-related assessments. We are also accredited in conducting and interpreting a number of psychometric assessments that can be useful in building self-awareness, understanding strengths, identifying growth opportunities and generating career ideas.

Contact us for a friendly chat or to obtain our schedule of fees.